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Soverato is the main important touristic city of the Jonian coast famous for a its sandy beaches, breathtaking views, good food, positive atmosphere and for the 2 symbols which characterised its particularity in all Calabria region:

1) the hot chilly pepper

2) the seahorse.

On the land grow tropical fruits and unique plants with amazing flowers (Lemons, Fichi d'india, Nespole, Bergamotto, Blackberries) and colourful big and small chillies and deep in the sea still live the so called "Hippocampus", in English the "Sea horses".

Local citizens love their beauties and culture, the nature and the sea which is the main source of life with different kinds of blu nuances, some days with waves, some days calm and peaceful, some days windy but always "alive". In Calabria region you can find all kind of natural environment: behind Soverato and in both sides, North and South, high mountains (Sila and Aspromonte) but also valleys and hills, countryside and rural wild areas. 

Villa Gabriella is here to welcome you, alone, with your friends, relatives and colleagues and its staff is always ready to help and suggest the best places where to go, for few time or for daily trips. Calabria is a region in the deep South and we have also a van for our guests. Soverato can be you "caput mundi" and from here it can start your relaxing week, or your training week or your business meeting. 

What to visit - art and traditions

Soverato_marina_boats 2
Soverato_by salesian church

Some places to visit in Calabria

Here below some of our pictures of visits and activities we propose to our guests thanks to the cooperation with the C.T.E. company (a new touristic operator in Calabria region)

As every city and town on the coast in Calabria also Soverato has a marina side and an upper side called "Soverato superiore" going up on a hill. Not all visitors know how precious and particular can be the "old village" which is the original Soverato and local citizens consider themselves as the real "Soveratani" and are very proud of it. The "marina" is characterised by the long seaside, hotels and buildings while the "superiore side is not a touristic town but has its charme and it worth it to go there and have a look wondering in the narrow old streets, taking pictures to the houses surrounded by colourful flowers, saying "hello" to the persons always ready to welcome, help and tell you some story but, above all, you can't go away from there without a visit in the small local church. 

The "Chiesa Matrice di Maria Santissima Addolorata" is a simple common yellow church but inside you find a jewel of Calabria region, the "Pietà of Gagini". A marble statue representing the sorrow of the Virgin Mary with Jesus Christ in her arms. Pietà means "compassion". Antonello Gagini was a sculture of the XIX century who studied with Michelangelo in Florence. The statue is his version of the Compassion with a particular perspective. 

In Soverato Marina one of the masterpiece of art is the small "fishermen church" right in the middle of the city, always open and visited by citizens. Then, we suggest to go to visit the botanic garden in the panoramic street where the view to the Squillace bay is breathtaking and you can explore plants and flower of the "macchia mediterranea". The garden is small and is nice to reach it walking directly from the marina as a health activity during your stay in Soverato!

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