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It's not a common association, we know, but we decided to dedicate this room to a very important and very unique Calabrian product, the 'DUJA, really produced just in Calabria. Have a look to the images here at the right. It's a spicy creamy salami (pork meat) which Calabrians like to put on the bread, enriched by good Calabrian wine, or on the pizza or pasta. Tourist and foreigners get mad for NDUJA starting from the very peculiar pronunciation. It's Calabrian dialect and it's funny because it doesn't have any meaning but it's a special word for all.

The room is very big, can be double or triple and has all comforts like the other rooms but the bathroom is just outside, the next door and is called the "Blue bathroom" because it's big and blue. The room is peaceful and nice, with a big window and lot of light all day. It's a cheap way to spend an holiday in Calabria for a small family or for 2 friends sharing the bathroom and ready to go to the beach! 

The 'DUJA 


Nduja Spalmabile
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