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The liquorice room is dedicated to another important and unique Calabrian delight: the Liquorice, almost unknown in many other Countries. Naturally is the root of Glycyrrhiza glabra from which a sweet flavour can be extracted and in Calabria is used to make sweets, ice-cream, candies, liquors and chocolate. Liquorice is healthy and important for Calabrians thanks to the famous brand "Amarelli" based in Rossano Calabro in the North (an important familiar company exporting in all the world). 
The room is on the first floor of Villa Gabriella, in a corner with 2 big windows: one with the sea view and the second with the view towards the right side garden full of flowers and palms. 
The room is a bit smaller than the other ones but very cute and intimate, with a bathroom inside and all the comforts like the other rooms: TV, air conditioned, the desk, a chair, the wardrobe, 2 small tables and lamps. The kettle in all rooms is our present for your relaxing moments, watching at the window in the small wall-desk at the corner, maybe while working at your laptop or sharing your Calabrian beautiful moments with your room-mate. 



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