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The Nespola is a delicious wild fruit which is usually known in Italy and Portugal. It's similar to the apricot but it tastes differently, not used for marmalade for example. The fruits can be collected from the trees which grow everywhere. In Calabria we like to say that "if you eat a nespola and throw the bone where you want, there it will grow a tree immediately" and it's true, we assure! 
The room is the smallest but it's very cute. There's one bed, the wardrobe, the desk, the little table and a beautiful balcony with the sea view. This room is considered as an extra room for a family or for a group of people. It doesn't have its own bathroom but the guest lodged in this room can use the other 2 bathrooms belonging to the other 2 rooms, the Bergamotto and the N'Duja room which have big bathrooms and an independent entrance also from outside. 




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