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14Chilly bathroom
15Chilly room
13Chilly room
12Chilly room
11Chilly room
10Chilly room

The room is dedicated to chili! The hot pepper which is the symbol of Soverato, known as the city of the hottest chili of the Calabria region.

The room wants to be "hot" but in reality is romantic and peaceful, with all comforts like the other rooms like smart TV and air conditioned. 

There's a double queen size bed and if needed a small bed apart for a third person. Furthermore, there are a desk, a chair, a wardrobe, a mirror, 2 big windows looking towards the back garden of the Villa where the owners are taking care constantly and growing a special garden with herbs, fruit trees (pomegranate, nespole, lemon, grapes, mandarin and asparagus), then flowers, roses and other tropical trees. 

The chili room is the only on ground floor



Purple chilly
The super chilly dish
Red chilly of Calabria
Red chilly of Calabria
Small chilly
Rare chilly
Colourful chilly
Yellow chilly
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