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44_Bergamotto bathroom
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47_Bergamotto bathroom4

The room is dedicated to one of the most precious and unique fruits of the Calabria, the "bergamotto" growing just in some specific areas of the region, especially near Reggio Calabria, a special citrus with special properties for health and wellbeing. Many products are produced with this fruit which is unknown in the world and looks exotic for foreigners.

We wanted to give this room the atmosphere of this fruit: warm, rich in vitamins and very healthy. 

The room is the biggest one and it is structured like a small flat inside the Villa, with an independent entrance dividing the room and the "royal bathroom". The room has 2 beds, a queen size bed and a single one. It's possible to add a cradle if needed by a family. 

The room has all comforts: a desk with a chair, a sofa chair, 2 small tables, a wardrobe, lamps and for sure, TV and AIR CONDITIONED.



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